Badar Battle Ground

Badar Battle Ground

It is about 70 miles from Medina and about 100 miles by road. It takes more than 1 hour and 45 minutes to drive to Badr.

In the days of the Prophet (he has peace and blessings), it would have taken much longer to get there.

The number of Muslims was high at a ratio of 1: 3. The Muslim army was about 313 unequipped, and the Quraysh were more than 950 equipped. Well-known colleagues such as Abu Bakr, Umar, Ali, Hamza, Mus'ab ibn'Umair, AzZubair bin Al'Awwam, Ammar ibn Yasir, Abu Dharr al Ghifari participated (Can Allah please all of them?).

Uthman was unable to attend because the Prophet (who has peace and blessings) instructed him to take care of his sick wife, Ruqayya, who is also the Prophet's daughter.

14 companions were martyred in the battle. Their names are listed at the site of the battle:

1)Sayyiduna ‘Umayr ibn Abi Waqas. رضي الله عنه

2) Sayyiduna Safwan ibn Wahb. رضي الله عنه

3) Sayyiduna Dhu-Shimalayn ibn ‘Abdi. رضي الله عنه

4) Sayyiduna Mihja’ ibn Salih. رضي الله عنه

5) Sayyiduna ‘Aqil bin al-Bukayr. رضي الله عنه

6) Sayyiduna ‘Ubaydah ibn al-Harith. رضي الله عنه

7) Sayyiduna Sa’ad ibn Khaythama. رضي الله عنه

8) Sayyiduna Mubashir ibn ‘Abd al-Mundhir. رضي الله عنه

9) Sayyiduna Harithah ibn Suraqah. رضي الله عنه

10) Sayyiduna Rafi’ ibn Mu’ala. رضي الله عنه

11) Sayyiduna ‘Umayr ibn Humam. رضي الله عنه

12) Sayyiduna Yazid ibn al-Harith. رضي الله عنه

13) Sayyiduna Mu’awidh ibn al-Harith. رضي الله عنه

14) Sayyiduna ‘Awf ibn al-Harith. رضي الله عنه

70 men from the army of the Quraysh were killed including Abu Jahl, one of their commanders. Many others were taken as prisoners of war by the Muslims who were later ransomed.

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