Ber e Shifa

Ber e Shifa

Saudi Arabia is the place where thousands of Muslims travel to fulfill their religious obligations. The two holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia are of great importance to all Muslims due to their two large mosques and several other sanctuaries. We all know Zam zam well and its historical importance. Today I will talk about Berry Shifa in this article. Berry Shifa is a holy well also found in Saudi Arabia.

Ber e Shifa location

The fountain is about 80 kilometers from Medina. If you're traveling from Medina to where the Battle of Badr took place, this fountain gets in the way.

Historical significance

The water from Beer e Shifa is known as Aaab e Shifa. Aab means water and Shifa means to heal or heal something. Ber e Shifa's history dates back more than 1400 years. The well was originally dug by the villagers. The basic need for this well was to provide pure water for the use of villagers and for travelers who were pumping water through the area. Unfortunately, the water in the wells was bitter at the time, but the villagers began to consume it. Historically, villagers and those who drank water from wells reported serious illnesses, and water was considered toxic to drink. Not only that. Some animals became ill after drinking water from a well. Therefore, the well was considered toxic and unhealthy to use.

How poisonous water became healing water

The time has come for the Prophet Mohammad PBUH to pass through the village with his companions. They stopped drinking water from the wells, but the villagers stopped them by telling them not to drink water from the wells because the water was toxic. At that time, our Holy Prophet PBUH spit on the well and declared that he could drink water safely. In other words, the villagers informed the Prophet Mohammad PBUH about the well. He arrived at the scene to allow PBUH to solve the problem and drink water. So, he spit out PBUH into the water, which lost all its bitterness and unhealthy properties and turned into sweet water.

Benefits of Abe Shifa

People who drank water from the fountain said they saw some health benefits. They say that water is still in its purest form and is free of all bacteria and bacteria. It showed the user the magical healing power. Water is a good source of calcium and keeps you active all day long. Well water is very effective in treating various illnesses. Some people say that well water therapy is effective for body pain and abnormalities

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