How to perform Umrah

How to perform Umrah

Are you planning to perform Umrah and don’t know the Umrah procedure yet? Don’t panic, we’re here to guide you complete Umrah steps.

Following are the important steps of Umrah.

1. Ihram:

Ihram is basically making the formal intention of performing the Umrah. So as to enter the state of Ihram, the individual must change garments and take bath (ghusl) which is an act of washing away all impurities. Men change into the two garments, Ridaa and Izaar, though ladies can wear any type of attire which covers the body and head.

The individual should offer two rakat of Sunnah. When that is done, the individual should face the direction of the Qibla and authoritatively enter Ihram; the individual must enter Ihram before he/she leaves for the Meeqat in Makkah. Scent or perfumed items are entirely prohibited while an individual is in his/her Ihram.

2. Tawaf:

The individual should enter Masjid al-Haram with his/her right foot and recite the Talbiyah. Then he/she would be able to touch the Black Stone (Hajr e Aswad) with his/her right hand and after that kisses it and begin the Tawaaf. Tawaf means taking rounds around the Ka'bah, with the Ka'bah being to the left side.

Men must keep the right shoulder revealed during the Tawaaf, this act is formerly known as ‘Idtibaa’. This is done by setting the Ridaa underneath the right armpit and taking it up on the left shoulder. In addition, the men must practice 'raml' in the initial three rounds of Tawaaf, which is basically moving fast while taking small steps and walk on the normal place for the rest of the rounds.

3. Say’ee:

Say’ee is moving from Safa to Marwah and back seven times. In this manner, the walk starts at Safa and finishes at Marwah. In these seven rounds, men should keep running between the green lights and women should walk at a normal pace. After coming to Safa the individual should come out from Masjid al-Haram with his/her left foot.

4. Shaving heads:

After completing the seven circuits, the individual is required to trim his/her hair. The men are required to shave their heads or trim their hair on their whole head equally. The ladies are required to trim their hair equivalent to the length of a fingertip. With this last step, the individual formally finishes his/her Umrah.

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