The Ethk well

The Ethk well

The Ethk well, located west of the Quba Mosque, is of great historical importance in Islamic history. When the Prophet (Peace be upon him) emigrated to Medina with his companions after extreme persecution in Mecca, the people of Medina spread their arms and welcomed him.

When the Prophet arrived, the whole city was overjoyed and came out to welcome him with songs and celebrations.

At this well, people came out and greeted the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his companions.

History of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companion Abu Bakr al-Siddiq stood in the garden next to Ethk, known as the Shade Garden, and took a break. The sun was shining and it was very hot. Abu Bakar siddiq raised his robe and cast a shadow on the Prophet Muhammad (he has peace and blessings), informing the people of Medina that they were in front of the Apostles of Allah (to him peace and blessings). I have a blessing). The people of the Medina were delighted to see the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and brought him water and many welcome gifts.

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