Tips for Umrah

Tips for Umrah

Umrah Preparations:

Start preparing for Umrah at least two months before you leave. Arrange your trip through an authentic travel agency. It’s good if you start walking for at least 30 minutes daily before leaving for Umrah because in Makkah & Madinah you will have to walk a lot. It’s recommended to learn basic prayers and Arabic conversations; it will help you out while interacting with lots of people there. Don’t forget to take medicines and painkillers with you especially when you are traveling with kids.

Know the procedure of Umrah:

It is necessary that you know the procedure of Umrah before you leave. There are a lot of websites where you can learn about Umrah. We have already explained the steps regarding Umrah. If you haven’t read the steps yet, then please review them first before leaving for Umrah. The steps explained are simple and easy. You can also read the Islamic book which has a detailed explanation of Umrah rules.

Traveling Experience:

Make sure to take all the essentials with you for the Umrah trip. Pack enough clothes, keep some cash with you for Fidyah and Sadqah, put some snacks in your bag for emergency and if you have any traveling anxieties then be prepared for that. It is also recommended to leave home for the airport before 2 hours prior to the departure of your flight.

Stay clean:

Hygiene is an important factor to consider. Keep yourself and the surrounding clean.

You should be neat and clean and in the state of Wudhu all the time.

Emergency numbers:

It is advised to keep a list of emergency contacts with you In case of an emergency.

Make Dua:

Make lots of Duas for yourself and especially for others.

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